4 Reasons Solar Energy is Growing in America

Why should you consider solar energy for your home? It’s a simple question, but the answer is long. Turns out, there are lots of benefits to using solar energy—and that’s why so many people across the nation are turning to solar panels for their own energy solution.

If you’re interested in capitalizing on this growing trend, it helps to know why. Here are some of the most powerful reasons solar energy is growing more important in the United States:

  1. Solar Energy is Efficient

According to some statistics, solar panels would only need to cover .0005% of the Earth in order to meet the complete energy needs of the globe. And given that the sun provides the upper atmosphere of the Earth with some 174,000 terawatts of energy, there’s also room for improve on that stat.

Solar energy only gotten more efficient over the years, which means that modern solar panels provide you with more power than you might believe. In short, you don’t have to own a solar farm to power a family home.

Thinking of Solar? Do This First.

  1. Solar Energy Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

More and more people are growing concerned about their impact on the environment. The source of your energy needs to be considered if you’re going to do your part to build a cleaner future. And with many traditional homes, power from fossil fuels is simply expected.

Solar energy offers a viable alternative that can even save you from having to pay monthly energy bills. Turns out that “going green” can help yield you some green as well.

  1. Solar Energy Builds Self-Sufficiency

You don’t have to live entirely off the grid to understand the power of self-sufficiency. If someone else’s power goes out, your solar-powered home might stay on. That’s the kind of security most people don’t have in their homes…yet it’s an invaluable part of owning solar panels with your own home.

By taking your home’s power into your own hands, you increase your knowledge and experience when it comes to powering your home. With that knowledge comes lower prices and a greater amount of self-reliance that you simply can’t pay for.

  1. Solar Energy is Becoming More Affordable

Most people acknowledge that solar energy comes with plenty of benefits. It’s efficient, it’s clean, and it’s self-sufficient. Their main problem? Affordability. Installing solar panels has been perceived as an extravagant upgrade for most homes.

Yet many people don’t realize the strides being made in this area, either. And with the New York Times noting that home buyers are willing to pay a premium for solar panels, the return on investment is even greater.

Is Solar Right For Your Home?