What No One Tells You About Solar Power for Your Home

What No One Tells You About Solar Power for Your Home

Thinking about upgrading to solar power for your home? You’re not alone. According to some statistics, two thirds of all solar panels currently in use have been installed snice 2011. That’s not a fad—that’s a trend.

But even with the popularity of solar power, there are some myths and omissions out there about solar power. If you’re considering upgrading to solar panels for your home, here’s what no one tells you—even though they should:

Solar Panels Can Look Great

Many people have the concept of solar panels as an eyesore. But you can install solar panels in specific locations to ensure they have maximum contact with the sky without maximum contact with your curb appeal. And given just how popular solar panels are with home buyers, you’d be surprised that they can even add curb appeal.

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Solar Panels Work Well in Cold or Cloudy Conditions

The idea that a cold or cloudy day gets in the way of solar panels and ruins your power is more myth than fact. Solar panels can be highly efficient on cold, clear days. On cloudy days, plenty of energy still gets through the atmosphere—after all, cloudy days aren’t completely dark.

Solar Panels are Relatively Low-Maintenance

Sure, the idea of solar panels is enticing, but you don’t want to be responsible for your own power. That means repairs and a lot of maintenance, right? Wrong. Solar panels can actually be relatively low-maintenance so long as you maintain good habits.

You Don’t Need Batteries to Stay Powered all the Time

Solar panels can indeed be used to charge batteries. But if you remain hooked up to the power grid—and it may be a requirement that you do—then you can simply supplement your power needs if there’s ever a problem with your solar panels.

If not, you can enjoy “net metering” in which you give more power back to the power company than you ever use. Those represent some serious energy bill savings over the course of several years and beyond.

Solar Panels Might Be For You

Finally, many people say that solar panels aren’t for them because it’s something they could see their neighbors doing—but not themselves.

But why should the environmentally-friendly, low-energy-bill benefits be limited to other people? There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the benefits of solar panels around your home once you dig into them and find out what they’re all about. After all, we all use the sun. It would be a shame if your house didn’t.

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